Our Team


Steph Stronsick

President | Executive Director

Steph volunteered at Project Wildlife based in San Diego, California. There she helped initiate rescuing bats as part of their protocol. Soon after, Steph began volunteering at the San Diego Natural History Museum as a collection data analyst for the San Diego Mammals Atlas, preservation of bat specimens, and field assistant. After relocating to her home state of Pennsylvania, she worked as an associate field biologist for Bat Conservation and Management. In 2012 she began establishing Pennsylvania Bat Rescue.


Eric Morlock

Vice President

Eric has been part of our rescue efforts for 3 years. As director of release, he assures that each bat has the extended flight and forage capability essential for their survival. Eric also aids in the rescue of distressed bats, and participates in educational programs. He has a love for the outdoors and eclectic music. 


Debbie Boyer

Secretary | Pup Rehabilitator

Debra has been part of our rescue efforts for 3 years. She has dedicated her summers to raising orphaned and abandoned baby bats. She also crochets wildlife nests for local wildlife rehabilitation facilities. The nests are made specifically for baby birds, squirrels, and opossums. Debra enjoys wildlife and helping those in need. She is also a certified first responder, and former volunteer EMS for the Upper Perkiomen Ambulance.


Sharon Agresta-Siekerman

Assistant Wildlife Rehabilitator 

In Honor


Lawrence Stronsick

Lawrence established himself as a historic restoration mason, working with many local historical societies. He dedicated his talents to preserving local landmarks for future generations and took great pride in his accomplishments.

Lawrence preserved and restored many local private historical properties while working with historical societies throughout the immediate area, such as:

  • Henry Antes Plantation 
  • Pine Forge Historical Society Manor House
  • Amity Heritage Society
  • Peter Jones Historical Conservation and Education Center
  • Saylor Park Industrial Museum